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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who cares who KILLED electric cars...
where can I GET one??

auto smog
They're SOO cute, the little zippy electric cars you see in the news all the time. But where ARE they?
If you're like me...
You've been watching the air turn browner and browner every year.It breaks your heart that your asthmatic ten-year-old is stuck in the house all summer because of the air quality.
You know it's mostly because of car exhaust, but there's no other way to get to work, school, errands, and daycare... you feel GUILTY as you fill the gas tank (again).
And lay down fifty bucks. Fifty bucks!!?? Are you kidding? Coulda gotten my hair done AND left a fat tip for that price...oh, well. And as you leave the gas station, you wonder how much it's going to cost you NEXT time, and know that whatever it is, you've got no other choice but to pay it.
gas pump blues
In other words...

.. you're PINNED to the PUMP.

If you've ever felt PINNED to the PUMP because there were no other (sensible) choices out there...
...or are there?

C'mon in. Time to take another look at electric cars. They're more alive than ever!

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